Wheels Go Round

Bus lines are lifelines: bus lines are story lines


Author and editor: Helen Gerhardt, Community Organizer for Pittsburghers for Public Transit, a grassroots organization of transit riders, drivers, and other concerned citizens that advocate for mass transit because it’s essential for healthy environments, economies, and communities. We believe public transportation is our need and our right.
Simply put, we say:

NO to service cuts, layoffs, and fare hikes
NO to privatization
YES to more, better, and cheaper transit
YES to union labor
YES to dedicated, sustainable public funding for transit
YES to funding transit and other public services; NO to funding bailouts, wars, tax breaks for the rich, and tax loopholes for corporations
YES to corporations and phony nonprofits paying their “fare” share

For more on our positions, actions and upcoming plans, please visit the Pittsburghers for Public Transit website.


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